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Promoting exceptional businesses

We spoke to business owners in Uxbridge eleven years ago, and they told us that they were frustrated with traditional advertising. But, they loved the way their customers responded to their personal newsletters. So… with their help we designed a newsletter that businesses could collectively produce to share costs, and to inform residents, highlighting new products, services and business excellence in their community.

The results have been dramatic. Readers comment: “It is the only thing that I grab out of the mailbox”, “It’s a quick, informative read with my morning coffee”. Business owners delight: “It’s the only advertising I use”, “People keep the newsletters as a reference piece for months”, “I got new customers a year later”, “The newsletter acts like a referral”.

Writing, editing, marketing and design skills are combined to help business owners describe their unique talents. Our team of writers and marketing experts enjoy discovering what makes each business different, because quite often business owners are very humble about what they do. Each business, like every individual, has unique qualities, a spirit, that separates them from the rest, even when they are in competition with one another.

Clients appreciate the quality, and professionalism they receive and rely on the Shoppes system to best describe what unique talents, services and products that they can offer their community.

Call 905-862-3370 to participate. Franchise territories now also available across Ontario.

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