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Comparison to other media

vs. Newspapers - With hundreds of ads to compete with your ad gets lost. There are an unlimited number of advertisers selling the same product as you…in The Shoppes we limit advertisers to two with the same services or identical products, and we showcase what makes each business unique.

vs. Coupon Booklets - Coupons bring in customers who want deals and those customers may not be good long term customers at your regular price. Our readers will pay more because they are looking for quality products and good advice.

vs. Flyers – Higher cost to produce/distribute and only one business is promoted so if the reader is not interested at that time they will throw it out. The Shoppes is a group effort with many small businesses promoting themselves together and it is sent out separately through the mail so it stands out. We target the market by income to ensure that there is no waste and that you are targeting homeowners with a higher disposable income.

vs. Coloured Shoppers – Viewed as an advertising shopper people throw them away as they are full of ads (gimmicky) or they are filled with ‘advertorials’ so they are not believable. We use a beige coloured stock that stands out against white letters and colored flyers. Our publication is focused on the advertisers and the reader has picked up the newsletter to read the business stories about you! The Shoppes interviewing, writing, and editing system ensures that your article makes the reader feel like a friend is referring them to your business. It is said to be the best kind of advertising because the reader trusts the source, buying without discounts or hesitation.

vs. Radio – Once the ad is over, the information is gone and then out of mind. With The Shoppes article, they have your address and phone number in hand to get in touch with you whenever they want.

vs. T.V. – Out of sight out of mind. It is tough for people to recall the advertisement or contact information flashed in 30 seconds or less. With The Shoppes article, they have your contact information in hand to get in touch with you whenever they want.

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