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Lyndsay Phillips has re-joined The Shoppes team with a BA in History and Fine Art History and a Post Graduate degree Museum Management & Curatorship. After graduating she spent five years running her own business as a registered importer (documentation for vehicle exports) so she understands the needs and busy schedules of small business owners.

Lyndsay has three years of experience in sales and marketing and four years of experience as Administrative Assistant.
Her strengths are organization, administrative duties, and customer service (client relations). Lyndsay has an interest in writing/advertising and is find ing that it is a great way of getting to know Uxbridge and surrounding areas to be a part of the community that she lives in with husband and two children.

Lyndsay is looking forward to meeting and assisting all the new and existing Shoppes clients to promote themselves more efficiently by featuring them in The Shoppes Newsletters. For ideas on how to share direct marketing costs and collectively promote your business in The Shoppes of Port Perry call Lyndsay Phillips at 905-862-3370, email:

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